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Journey to Happiness: Color Run 5k

Hello friends! So, I've done a pretty bad job at keeping up with my journey to happiness. But, I promise I've been working on it. I've had my bad days where I slip up, but I've been working on staying on track. This past weekend, my mom and I ran walked in our first Color Run. This was also our third 5k that we participated in together.





All the color made this run a lot of fun! There are different color zones throughout the course that we got to run through and at the end was a foam pit.

Even though we didn't run the race, I still felt great about myself after completing the course. It felt great getting out and being active for a bit and being surrounded by others having fun. It helped me get back into being healthy and my journey to happiness. It was the kick that I needed to work on getting back on track.


Good Morning: Voodoo Doughnut at City Walk Orlando

Good Morning: Voodoo Doughnut at City Walk Orlando

Good Morning: Demi Lovato Concert

Good Morning: Demi Lovato Concert