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Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Hello friends! It has been a bit. I keep telling myself that I need to get better at keeping up with my blog, but then I went and got sick... not fun. However, I'm better now and I can finally tell you about my Valentine's Day! We couldn't actually do anything on Valentine's Day, since I worked during the day and he worked at night, but we were able to grab breakfast at Keke's! He also brought me millenial pink roses, chocolate covered strawberries, Thin Mints and the most adorable picture frame with a picture of us!



I got him a shirt that he has been wanting: The Hanger Bar shirt from Twenty-Eight and Main. Plus, The Hanger Bar was our first date, so it was the perfect gift!

After breakfast, it was back to work for me. We made plans to meet up after he got off of his other job, so we met at TGI Fridays for dessert and drinks.

It was such an amazing first Valentine's Day together, but the real celebration was on Sunday, when we celebrated Valen-Versary, since our one month anniversay was on Saturday. He surprsied me with a reservation to Maria & Enzo's, a new Italian restaurant at Disney Springs. Delicious! TDuNZmyaRPa4l0IrvTgMyw



After lunch, we rushed over to EPCOT to see Ashely Brown and Josh Strickland for the Disney on Broadway Concert. They were incredible! So glad that we were able to see them. Plus, I'm pretty sure Austin has a man crush on Josh Strickland ;)


Once the concert was over, we raced over to Magic Kingdom to watch Happily Ever After. When I say rushed, I mean it! We were literally running through EPCOT to get to the monorail to go over to Magic Kingdom. We walked in as soon as the fireworks started. It was our first time seeing Happily Ever After together, so we are planning on going back to watch them not all sweaty and out of breath.

It was such a magical and perfect day. Austin, thank you for such an amazing day and being a wonderful boyfriend. I can't wait for more Valentine's Days and anniversary dates with you.

Journey to Happiness: Week 1

Journey to Happiness: Week 1

Sunday Funday at Magic Kingdom

Sunday Funday at Magic Kingdom