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Christmas at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Christmas at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Merry Christmas!! Okay, technically it's not Christmas yet, but tis the season!

I am definitely one of those people who celebrates Christmas starting on Nov. 1. Don't get me wrong, I love me some turkey and the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving, but there is just something so magical about Christmas. I enjoy walking around and seeing all the decorations and how everyone comes together as a family and friends to celebrate. Like I said, something magical.

I grew up visiting Walt Disney World and I still visit to this day. I think my favorite thing about visiting the parks is how they decorate for Christmas. Disney is already such a magical place, but add in the Christmas decorations and everything feels 100 times more magical. Seeing the snow falling on Main Street, the larger than life Christmas trees, the music, the food, all of it.





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I can't wait to continue celebrating this magical season at my favorite place on Earth with my favorite people!


Good Morning! - Life Update

Good Morning! - Life Update

Good Morning: Happy Halloween!

Good Morning: Happy Halloween!